Our key area is in Podcast production. From corporate to NGO, political party to stand up comedy, we’ll take your idea, message or concept and turn that into a highly produced, edited and ready-to-go audio production. Your own radio show! We take care of the entire process; studio, editing, voiceover requirements, artwork and, crucially, ensuring your Podcast takes its relevant place within the market.

Podcasts work how you want them to; they can be weekly or a monthly, 20 minutes long or a full hour. It’s your call. What is beyond question, however, is that a Podcast is now a vital part of any company or individual’s marketing portfolio – the quickest and most effective way of letting your audience or client-base know exactly what you’re up to. You’ll also be working with one of the most experienced audio teams in the UK specialising in all aspects of digital/audio media.

It’s that simple!

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